Pet-Friendly Apartments in Wichita Falls, TX

Trying to find a rental property that accepts pets can be frustrating. Animals play an important role in the lives of innumerable people, and they are considered part of the family in many households. If you are having trouble finding an apartment where animals are allowed, don’t worry! Stone Ridge Apartments features the most inviting, pet-friendly apartments in Wichita Falls, TX.

The Advantages of Pet Ownership

If you already have an animal, you are likely aware of how beneficial the experience of pet ownership can be. If you are thinking about getting a pet, you may want to explore the advantages of taking this step. An animal in your home can bring much joy to the members of your household. Animals generally offer unconditional love to their owners, and they may help to prevent a sense of loneliness in many humans. In fact, according to, owning a dog or cat can aid in the prevention or management of some serious health issues, including depression, cardiovascular disease, bipolar disorder, and PTSD. Being around animals is also one way to make positive lifestyle changes, such as becoming more active by walking a dog or playing with a cat.    

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Owning a Cat or Dog in Wichita Falls, Texas

If you live in Wichita Falls, you will find many ways to care for the needs of your pet. In addition to the other beautiful parks in the area, you will have access to the Wichita Falls Off-Leash Dog Facility. This park is conveniently situated in Lake Wichita Park, and it provides separate areas for small dogs and big dogs.

There are plenty of veterinarians and animal clinics in Wichita Falls, TX. One example is Sheppard Veterinary Clinic, located on Sheppard Air Force base, which is not far from Stone Ridge Apartments. If your budget is fairly limited, you might take your pet to P.E.T.S. Clinic, a nonprofit clinic that provides low-cost spaying and neutering, vaccinations, wellness exams, micro-chipping, and other important services.  

When you need to stock up on pet food and other supplies, you can stay in Wichita Falls to do your shopping. In addition to major chain stores such as Petco and PetSmart, you can get what you need at Wichita Pet Supply.

Bring Your Pets to Stone Ridge Apartments in Wichita Falls, Texas!

There is no need to go on an exhausting search for pet-friendly apartments in Wichita Falls, TX. Stone Ridge Apartments is an ideal place for people with dogs and cats. We are minutes away from local parks, veterinary clinics, and pet supply stores, as well as places such as Sheppard Air Force Base and Midwestern State University (MSU Texas).

Feel free to contact us about our pet policies. You can call or text us at (940) 322-1213, or fill out our online application now. 

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Wichita Falls, TX – Where Are the Best Two Bedroom Apartments?

If you are looking for a two bedroom apartment, you probably have some specific criteria in mind. Affordability, charm, a great location, and appealing amenities are all high on the list for numerous apartment hunters. All of these details may not be available at the properties you have encountered in your search. However, Stone Ridge Apartments provides everything you need to live well. If you seek the best two bedroom apartments in Wichita Falls, TX, Stone Ridge Apartments should be your next stop.

What Makes an Ideal Two Bedroom Apartment in Wichita Falls, Texas?

The amenities that come with an apartment can have a major impact on your daily life. Stone Ridge offers an assortment of amenities to make your routine easier. In the hottest months, you can relax comfortably with the help of an air conditioner. You may avoid long hours washing dishes by using the dishwasher provided with your unit, saving you time and energy that could be spent elsewhere. Our apartments come with high speed internet access, so you can catch up on work, school, or your favorite entertainment sources online.

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The apartments at Stone Ridge have recently been renovated, so you won’t be forced to live in a space that feels neglected and rundown. You will have your own balcony or patio to enjoy privately or with guests, and many of them look out onto our beautifully maintained landscaping. We are also pet-friendly, so you can bring your dog or cat along with you.

Other Amenities at Stone Ridge Apartments

In addition to the features that come with your apartment, you may look forward to swimming in our on-site pool. You can avoid endless trips to a laundromat by using the laundry facilities on our property. Our maintenance and management personnel are on-site, as well.     

Selecting the Right Two Bedroom Apartment in Wichita Falls, Texas

Because all of our tenants have varying circumstances, we have several floor plans at Stone Ridge Apartments. If you are living alone or with a significant other, one bathroom and a smaller space could be perfect. If you have a roommate or a child, you might want a little more space. You may also prefer a unit with more than one bathroom. We can accommodate all of these needs, and if you require less room, a studio or a one bedroom apartment might be preferable. All of our units are priced affordably, so you may choose one that truly reflects your lifestyle.

Convenient Location in Wichita Falls

When you live at Stone Ridge Apartments, you will have immediate access to public transportation. We are also situated near I-44 and Highway 287. Virtually everything you could want can be found in Wichita Falls, including restaurants, bars, shopping, parks, schools, and unique landmarks.

The Best Two Bedroom Apartments in Wichita Falls are Here at Stone Ridge!

You search is over for the best two bedroom apartments in Wichita Falls, TX. Stone Ridge Apartments offers a long list of amenities, affordable units, easy access to the city, and a charming environment to call home.

Call or text us at (940) 322-1213, or apply online at your convenience.

Affordable One Bedroom Apartments in Wichita Falls, TX

When you are shopping for affordable one bedroom apartments in Wichita Falls, TX, you may be tempted to offer a deposit for the first cheap rental you find. However, you might regret making such a hasty decision. Not all apartments are created equally. Some rentals are rundown and never maintained. Others come equipped with very little, leaving the renter to provide all the appliances necessary for a normal lifestyle.

At Stone Ridge Apartments, we want all of our tenants to feel at home from the moment they set foot on one of our properties. This is why we maintain a beautiful environment, as well as the amenities people need as renters. If you have been searching for an apartment you can afford in Wichita Falls, you can stop looking. Stone Ridge Apartments offers one bedroom apartments to match your budget and your lifestyle.

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Convenient Location in Wichita Falls, Texas

The world seems more hectic and complex than ever, making convenience a top priority for countless people. One of the convenient features that Stone Ridge residents appreciate is close access to the local bus route, as well as to Highway 287 and I-44.

Once you drive or ride the bus around the city, there are many things to see and do. You will have your choice of various local parks, such as Lucy Park, which covers 178 acres of land. This park has a disc golf course, three playgrounds, athletics courts, picnic tables and shelters, and barbecue grills. It is also where River Bend Nature Center is located. Other local parks include Lake Wichita Park, Hamilton Park, and Kiwanis Park.

Wichita Falls also has an impressive array of dining and drinking establishments. You may choose from several types of ethnic cuisine, as well as seafood, steakhouse items and barbecued foods. If you crave a night on the town, you will find plenty of choices. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic “dive” bar, a karaoke bar, a cocktail lounge, or live music, this city has a place for everyone.

When you need to go shopping, there are numerous shopping possibilities throughout the city. From grocery stores to small boutiques to chain department stores, the options are likely to reflect your needs.

Stone Ridge Apartments: Convenient, Affordable Living in Wichita Falls

Whether you wish to view two bedroom rentals or affordable one bedroom apartments in Wichita Falls, TX, be sure to check out Stone Ridge Apartments. We offer affordability and convenience at our two properties. Our units come with a patio or balcony, kitchen appliances, air conditioning, and access to high speed internet. You will have access to on-site laundry facilities and a swimming pool, and we are pet-friendly.  

By securing an apartment with all of the amenities we provide, along with our close proximity to downtown Wichita Falls, you can truly get the most for your rent money. Our units are competitively priced, and we don’t charge outrageously high deposits or other fees. Welcome to Stone Ridge Apartments!

Call us at 940-322-1213, or fill out our online application form today.

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Best Off-Campus Apartments near Midwestern State University

If you attend classes or work at Midwestern State University, you probably want to live near the campus. You might choose from a variety of rentals in Wichita Falls, TX, but finding one to call home involves a careful selection process. If you choose a place that is too expensive or that offers few amenities, you could find yourself moving again sooner than you would like. To prevent the hassle and expense of relocating from a less-than-desirable apartment, read below for some helpful tips. After all, you deserve to live in the best off-campus apartments near Midwestern State University!

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A Few Facts about Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, TX

Midwestern State University, which is often referred to as MSU Texas, has much to offer. Located in Wichita Falls, Texas, the university’s campus spans over 250 acres. Founded in 1922, MSU Texas was originally a junior college. Today, MSU Texas is now an accredited university with the capacity to award associate, baccalaureate, and master’s degrees.  

Student health, well-being, and safety are always a top priority at Midwestern State University. The campus has a health center, a counseling center, and a wellness center. The MSU Texas Police Department strives to provide a safe environment at the school, while also working to maintain positive relationships with students, faculty members, and campus visitors.

The school has over 100 student organizations, which include 14 fraternities and sororities that have national affiliation. There is a broad variety of men’s and women’s sports teams at MSU Texas, including football, basketball, golf, tennis, soccer, track, and volleyball.

To sustain a well-rounded university experience, MSU Texas students are encouraged to become involved in the school’s student organizations. Students at MSU Texas can find a wealth of organizations and events that promote student participation, such as Homecoming festivities, cheerleading, student government, various cultural organizations, and the Arts and Literature Society.

Exploring the Surrounding Area of Wichita Falls, TX

When you are not on campus, you will have much to explore in Wichita Falls. This beautiful city is home to several shopping malls and centers, including Parker Square Shopping Center, Sikes Senter, and Southwest Plaza.

If you want to get something to eat, you will not be left disappointed by the dining options in Wichita Falls. You may enjoy some authentic Greek cuisine at Hibiscus café, the health food menu choices at Healthy’s, or the steaks and seafood at Pelican’s. You may also choose from several other tempting dining possibilities in the city, such as Italian fare, deli foods, German cuisine, and barbecued items.   

Wichita also has a thriving nightlife scene, and there are plenty of bars that are not far from the college. You might spend time at Wichita Falls Brewing Company, Bricktown Tap House & Kitchen, or The Iron Horse Pub. Other options include The Deep End, The Broken Tap, and The Player’s Lounge.

Find Your Home away from Campus at Stone Ridge Apartments! 

If you are looking for the best off-campus apartments near Midwestern State University/MSU Texas, Stone Ridge Apartments is the perfect place. We provide high speed internet access, air conditioning, laundry facilities, and a swimming pool. We are pet-friendly, and you will have immediate access to the local bus route. Best of all, our apartments are affordable, comfortable, and beautiful.

Feel free to text or call us at (940) 322-1213, or you can access our online application now.

Apartments near Sheppard Air Force Base

If you need to be situated near Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, TX, finding appropriate living accommodations may be at the top of your to-do list. Fortunately, this military base is located near plenty of places that residents may need and want to frequent. Best of all, the area is home to Stone Ridge Apartments, the most comfortable and welcoming apartments near Sheppard Air Force Base!

About Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, TX

The base is located just a few miles away from the business district in Wichita Falls, Texas. This air force base shares a runaway with Wichita Falls Municipal Airport. The 82nd Training Wing is the host unit at Sheppard Air Force Base (AFB). Sheppard AFB was named after John Morris Sheppard, a Texas senator who was integral in paving the way toward military preparedness prior to the Pearl Harbor attack. This AFB is the most diversified and the biggest training center for Air Education and Training Command.

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What’s near to Sheppard Air Force Base  

The base is not far from downtown Wichita Falls. In the general area, you will find several colleges, including a branch of Vernon College, Wayland Baptist University, and Midwestern State University (also referred to as MSU Texas). The city is also home to the Wichita Falls Independent School District (WFISD).

There is much to do in and around Wichita Falls, TX. The area has several parks nearby, as well as trails for walking, running, and biking. A wealth of local shopping centers makes it easy and convenient to shop for virtually anything you might need. You will also find a broad assortment of restaurants and bars in the city. Wichita Falls offers a variety of landmarks and activities, from the “World’s Littlest Skyscraper”, to a nature center, to a waterpark, to an array of museums, galleries, and historic sites.      

Stone Ridge Apartments: The Most Desirable Apartments near Sheppard Air Force Base

No matter what your involvement with Sheppard AFB might be, appropriate living quarters are a must. Stone Ridge Apartments provides a welcoming environment, where you can enjoy a comfortable home with all the right amenities. You can choose the floor plan that best meets your circumstances. Our units have recently been renovated, and they are equipped with appliances, air conditioning, high speed internet access, and a private patio or balcony.

Our two properties have a swimming pool and laundry facilities, and they feature lovely landscaping. On-site management and maintenance staff are available. We allow dogs and cats on the property, so be sure to contact us if you have questions about security deposits and acceptable limits. We will always strive to keep Stone Ridge Apartments the finest apartments near Sheppard Air Force Base!

Give us a call or text at (940) 322-1213, or fill out our online application today.